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MLK Day, Federal Tax Deduction, and Claim Help

By January 16, 2023September 28th, 2023No Comments

Hi Harbour Clients and Friends;

I hope you had a nice MLK Day.  We live in an incredible country where we strive to treat every American with the same dignity and respect based on the Golden Rule of treating others as you want to be treated.   I am very thankful for our country and this day.   

If you had damage from Hurricane Ian you may be eligible for a significant Federal tax deduction on your amended 2021 or your 2022 return.  I am not an accountant so please check with your own accountant; but many of our clients (including myself) have seen a significant tax deduction from the storm.  

Finally,  we are at the tail end of the catastrophic claim process with most of our clients from Hurricane Ian.  Most of you have made the claim, met with the adjuster and have received your adjuster’s report back by now and a lot of you have received your claim amount and closed your claim.  If your claim has “stalled” or you need some advice or help please reach out to me and I will make some time to give you the best advice I can on how to get your claim closed. 

Will Kastroll